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Your Sex Horoscope for November

Your Sex Horoscope for November

When the sun sets on Scorpio on the 22nd, it will create intense emotional and sexual energy for you. Better buy candles and lubes now.

What else do you have this month, according to professional astrologers, with a degree in psychology?

Here is your sex horoscope for November.


When Venus into Virgo on the 2nd, you will realize that things are not 100% the same in your love life. Your partner may need to charge you less, and you’ll discover you’ve been phoning it in on the chore department lately. After all, honestly talking about who did what and what had to happen.


Everything was going well in your love life at the beginning of the month. When Venus moves into Virgo in the 2nd, it creates harmony for you and takes your sex life to the next level. You and your partner will only see each other in bed, whether you are together for the month or is it a good thing for the first time.


Life has gotten serious these days, and it's impossible to stop her from entering the world of romance. Well, the new moon in Libra is here to lighten the mood. It's all about having fun with your partner and enjoying life. If you are single, you will meet new and exciting people up close at this time, but there is only one head, you should also try something.


You know what you mean when you say that, cancer, but what about your SO? When Venus moves on to Virgo the second time around, you will realize that you have to be very specific about your job and don't like being in bed. If that doesn't work for you, you have to say something and spell it.


The first full moon is the last day when Venus will be your sign until summer, so you really want to keep it alive. Grab your partner. And spend a sexy night, or meet someone new. Venus never disappoints.


Get ready because things will get worse in your love life. But, you know, in the right way. It starts with the full moon on the 1st in your chart section on proximity. You and your partner will have serious sexual energy, so plan to spend the day in bed and not overwork.


It's hard to balance a relationship with everything that's going on in your life. At first, the full moon shone on all of this. This is what you want. This is your partner. Requirements - Can you meet somewhere in the middle? On the second date, Venus moves to the part of your chart about secrets.


A good relationship is more than just good sex, and when your 2nd enter into the Venus Virgo, you have to remind him of that. You and your partner. This would be the perfect time to get together. And, to be honest, you need it.


There are many ups and downs in dating, but you start the month off on some serious heights, thanks to the full moon. Sending out these fun and romantic vibes, making the start of this month the best time to connect with someone new.


Sure, you can meet anyone, but when Mercury retires on the 13th, you'll have to wait a little deeper. Who do you think can really count a good evening?


You have ideas, acquisitions, and sometimes the ideas come out like literal vomit. Thanks to the full moon on the first month, that's a deal for you, and that's okay - at least you're honest. When Venus moves on to Virgo on the 2nd, you will have a little bit of freedom.


You can be alone and meet lots of people, but only one person can make contact. Well, you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet people who only meet you at the beginning of the month, thanks to Venus in a section of your chart of others.

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