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Things to do in Berkshire

There are many things to do in Berkshire whether it be day out with the family, a high adrenaline day full of fast paced activities or something relaxing for a couple. The river Thames winds its way through Berkshire and adds to some of the natural beauty of this place. The local history of this area is clear to see as it is known as the Royal borough as it has the largest royal residence in the world. Windsor castle is also located here which is often occupied by the royal family. Windsor castle is still occupied by up to 150 people but is also available for tours to the public. If you wanted to visit Windsor castle, then these can be booked in advance online.

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The royal family would also spend time in the gardens known as the Windsor Great Park. If you visit you would understand why it is one of the must-see places to visit in Berkshire. This historic site has been shown many times due to royal events. St George’s chapel can also be found on the ground which is often where royals get laid to rest. Berkshire is also famous for some of the UK’s leading museum on of which will be based on English rural life. This beautiful place is highlighted by the picturesque pang valley. This really shows how good nature can look. if you like exploring or hiking then this would be one of the best things to do in Berkshire.

Legoland Windsor

When it comes to children’s activities Legoland Windsor has to be one of the main attractions when out with the family. Friendly for all ages Legoland Windsor is as inclusive as can be with rides for all and activities to do when in their facilities. Virtual tours are available on their website, but this would not do justice to this wonderful establishment. The resort offers hotels for overnight stays but also a play area for smaller kids. This is one of the best theme parks in the country aimed at children. Legoland has around 7 different attractions within its ground and in each section, there is a countless number of things to participate in. there is boa rides that is available for both adults and smaller children at the time.

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Depending on the time of the year they also have themes such as ‘brick or treat’ which they would do around Halloween time. This sees them change their current park into a unique Halloween experience for all to attend. They have recently introduced a new place with new rides which shows their dedication to ensure you can have a good day out multiple time. For the best experience they do recommend that you stay the night and with so much on offer it does make sense as it is near enough impossible to see everything in one day especially when you are having the fun you will be having. From the west of the park to miles east you will not be disappointed as there is always something to do.

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Living Rainforest

The living rainforest is definitely one of the places to visit in Berkshire. The place has amazing plants that help some of the animals they have there. it is perfect for people who like animals especially those who like animals you would often see within the rainforest. you get to watch birds in some of the enclosures and also you are able to participate in some animal petting or see an enclosure where they let lizards roam free. They have really captured the jungle theme as much as they could which makes for the experience for those visiting great but most importantly the animals they look after. Extremely friendly for little animal lovers this will be the perfect place to go.This award-winning venue managed to win the award for the best geography learning experience for 2021. they often host local schools as a part of their trips. they try their best to be as environmentally friendly as possible from the building materials used when they extend their building to the things that waste on a day-to-day basis. They host over 850 different species of plants and animals. They ensure they have one of the best regarded animal welfare ratings.

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Party World

If you have a kids birthday party and you have a theme there will be harder to find than party world. they specialise in many fancy dress options and is the go-to shop in the area for birthday parties. They have the capability to cater to your needs for the day and will always have something relating to a Childs favourite thing. From balloons to banner nothing will be missed to make the special day perfect, and this could be incorporated into other events. If you do not see the theme, you want you can get in touch with them in advance so that they have time to try and arrange something for you. They are open to suggestions and challenges so always keep them in mind.

Delta Force Paint-balling

There is a junior army assault course available in the area with best bounce. This makes for great jumping fun and family fun. with different themed maps each time you go out will be exciting. This team bonding experience is great fun, you can make it more thrilling by buying items such as flash bangs and smoke grenades to help distract your opponents. We wouldn’t recommend wearing your best trainers to this place as they will be ruined.

Nine Mile Ride

The nine-mile ride is famous for the California country park. This multi sports activity area is home to a small pool, outdoor play in the form of a play park and also has a sensory park where you can find some incredible plants. The play area is extremely safe for kids and there are minimal blind spots for the smaller children. There is a pedal boating area in the lake. The paddling pool is great for smaller children, this outdoor pool is broken down into 1hour and 45 min sessions due to the popularity of it. you are encouraged to bring some water toys to help make your Childs time more enjoyable and floats and seats are permitted.

Nine Mile Ride

You are urged to bookin advance in order to avoid disappointment. The wild wound has been created so that older children have a more challenging experience than other parks. This does not make it more dangerous but does cater to a Childs competitive nature. The design of it is also a work of art as it was created to stand out and be enticing. The mixture of interactive equipment keeps the older children entertained for longer as there is always something new for them to try. Due to its rise in popularity additional seating has been created for parents so that they are equally comfortable on the day out.

Soft Play Area Themed

There are some great soft play areas in Berkshire. often with the ever-popular ball pool these soft plays are a major hit with children. Jungle mania may be the best in the area with a great astral slide ball pits and their soft play area themed perfectly to fit jungle animals. it also has an amazing five metre spider tower and can make for a great day out for all the family. 

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Farm Adventure Park

West Berkshire is home to a deer safari park where you can see the animals roam free. Located in west Berkshire Buckle-bury farm park allows you to feed the farm animals which is a hit for smaller kids. They also have jumping pillows which is a kid favourite. This deer park is a great to get up and close with the animals and the farm adventure park is like no other. Another wildlife park set right next to the River Thames is Beale Park. They have a traditional farm on site but also have some exotic animals. They have beautiful nature trails within their enclosure an on a hot summer’s day with fresh air their jubilee gardens and water gardens are an amazing place to see. Taken inspiration from the River Thames their water park is wonderful as it incorporates its surroundings and modernises it. They have indoor and outdoor play available for children which can help break up the day from looking at animals.

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Other things to do in Berkshire around the River Thames could involve boat hire for sailing, archery, rowing experiences and boat tours. The most famous river in London is really made the most of and can help you create memories whoever you are with. The good thing about this is it could be done in a group or as just two people getting to know each other more. So, whether you are a thrill chaser or want to relax there will be something for your personality.

Pinewood leisure centre has been running for around 25 years and offers rides on a miniature train. They offer a variety offer birthday party bookings and can be perfect for any train enthusiasts out there. This is run by the local parish council receives no funding from the local council and is responsible for all running and maintenance costs of the building. the local woods are the main reason why people would attend. You can see some natural wildlife here or simply just be at peace as you stroll around the woods.


Berkshire Aviation

The museum of Berkshire aviation highlights how much of a thriving aircraft industry was in England. Here you will also find out the importance of the air transport auxiliary was in World War II as they have many materials relating to it. The Maidenhead heritage centre also allows an opportunity to get some history on Berkshire especially the pilots that helped in the war. they offer events and exhibitions and sometimes have special guests attend. They operate as a hub for the local area so they could also point you in the right direction when it comes to activities that are on that you may be interested in.

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Reading Town Centre

Another place to visit in Berkshire would be reading. The town centre is filled with restaurants where you could take one of our beautiful girls Berkshire Escorts. Reading town centre also has bars where you can have a drink and shops to do some retail therapy. Spinners crazy golf & bowling is a great place to have fun for all. Their ten-pin bowling is always a enjoyable group sport or crazy golf is a good fun way to have a date. they also have a bar equips with some wonderful tasting cocktails just to help add extra fun. where they don’t have pool tables, they do offer interactive darts.

If this isn’t your style reading has alternatives you can do. you could site see and follow the Thames path, or you could visit the nature at view island. this is where they have carved trees into faces which makes it more interesting and makes for a great photo opportunity. For more history of the area, you could go to reading abbey where you could see where kind Henry I wanted a building built that also served as a motel for Elizabeth I. Forbury gardens is also a great opened space to relax in, it is well maintained and kept clean so is perfect for all.

The Oracle

The Oracle is the ultimate shopping and dinning (shopping centre) experience with a taste for livin’ it large with countless events being put on. If you fancy some down time we strongly suggest you take your Berkshire Escort for a spot of shopping and some good food after, you will get some serious brownie points.The Oracle gets its name from the 17th century the oracle workhouse, built by a local man called John Kendrick. It has now been transformed from workhouse to a luxurious shopping centre. The shopping centre contains 90 shops as well as department stores such as Next, House of Fraser and John Lewis. It also holds 22 restaurants, cafes and bars as well as an 11 screen Due Cinema, so no chance of running out of things to do. The Oracle shopping centre has two very large car park with 2300 spaces, so the chances of finding a spot is almost always guaranteed. The though process behind this shopping centre has been built with the customers needs in mind. As well as coming for some shopping it is always been made easy to take some down time and a breather by sitting down for some food or perhaps a coffee. If you fancy some leisure time then forget the shopping watch a movie and have some dinner. The possibilities are endless!

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