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The direct meaning of missionary sex is when the person who penetrates is above the recipient who is laying down. Missionaries are a good start that doesn't require a lot of flexibility or effort.


Here's how to improve your missionary experience


Start with some foreplay.

They say that when happiness is felt, then everything feels better and this is true with sex. This construction would not be disrupted because it was essential for the situation to enter and live in the ideal headroom.

Therefore, rather than relying on the emotional feelings of the missionary to make you feel connected to your missionary, get warmth with light vaginal penetration from your fingers or your partner. Or, if this isn't your step, try having oral sex as a sexual relationship so that you and your partner can start developing mood right from the start.

Show your love to the nipple

Your breasts and nipples are your two biggest breeding zones, so give them TLC. Gently massaging, sucking, licking, or pinching them during sex shows sex action. And if this is the stimulation of the hands-free nipples you are looking for, position yourself under your partner for chest-to-chest contact. That way, you can pull out the toy and fingers from the equation, while the partner's chest presses you whenever he pushes. This can also be a trigger for nipple orgasm.

Adjust your rhythm

There is no sex race So, instead of rushing to orgasm, slow down. Focus on your breathing and try to integrate your breathing with your partner. This can help you enjoy the sexual feelings that you see as a whole. Or, in a move borrowed from tantric sex, you breathe in your partner's vagina. Not only is this hot, but this deep breath will increase blood flow and circulation to your pelvic area, which will increase your happiness.

Play with angles

The best part of missionaries is how easily you can change the location and intensity of stimulation by changing the physical angle.

If you want to penetrate deeper, place a pillow under your waist to support your pelvis. Bending your pelvis upward forces your partner to move downward, so that it penetrates deeper.

If you are looking for more clitoral stimulation, consider this little twist on the missionary called the quilt alignment technique (CAT). To do this, move your partner to your shoulder so that their penis (or strap) will put more pressure on your clitoris than usual when they enter you. Instead of throwing your teammates in and out, you will grind your pelvis.


Give Feedback

It has any position for sex, but especially missionaries, because you don't want your partner to think that you find sex annoying. Take advantage of this opportunity to voice your happiness. If you feel what they are doing, let your partner know and cry.

By releasing yourself to make noise, you can add to your sexual experience. Not only to hear your excitement but also to whisper in your partner's ears about how good they feel to you that they might be more courageous or motivated by this field.


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