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Our Little Amelia

Hey there, I’m Amelia! I am a British / Swiss born 30-year-old. I’ve been working as an escort in Berkshire for over a year and it’s a job I care about a lot. I love to satisfy people and strive to give the best service I can. I take great pleasure from having happy, satisfied customers and always dress to impress and take time to look my best. I have size 8 curves and try to train 4 days a week, gym is definitely my sanctuary. I am a petite 5’5 and extremely flexible. Amongst training at the gym, I also apply myself to other fitness classes such as pole dancing, this helps my ability to be extremely flexible, which comes in quite handy! I have great stamina and am a  bundle of energy, so I am always happy to burn some calories in fun ways! I’m very open minded and willing to always try something at least once! I am easy going and nothing is off limits with me. I get a rush of excitement meeting someone new and learning what makes them tick!