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We at Berkshire Escorts believed that we are all connected to the universe and beyond, because we are made of things like stars, then you would probably believe in astronomy. Although astrology does not completely dictate who we are and who we are, under this sign we are definitely born with how we live our lives, how we respond to things, and even our personality qualities and kindness. It also means that astrology also plays a role in our sexuality.

Berkshire Escorts Agency suggests you Best Sex Position for Your Zodiac Sign 


We know to expect the unexpected with you, Aquarius, which is why we wouldn’t dare suggest you have sex in a boring old bed. Instead, try the shower! You can play with the temperature of the water to change it up, and incorporate props like a step or a handle so you can surrender to the moment without slipping and killing the vibe.


Pisces tend to be highly empathetic and artistic. They're also major fans of escapism, which they might find they can enjoy through their creative impulses, whether that's poetry, theater. Sex ideally in the context of a heartfelt bond that's deeply romantic and feels right intuitively. Playing in the shallow end just won't do for the emotionally complex fish. A super-intimate position that allows them to get carried away.


Zodiac sign ruled by the blazing sun that serves as the center of our solar system, fire sign Leos are confident, passionate, and driven lovers of the spotlight. This self-assuredness absolutely shows up in the bedroom, where Leos often enjoy exhibitionism, giving and receiving generous compliments and words of affirmation, luxurious, romantic details, role-playing, and any opportunity to show off for their partner.


Getting it from behind can feel so good, but even some good ole doggy-style could use a makeover now and then. What better way to embrace your fiery side, Aries, then doing it standing up? It may be a challenge, but we have a feeling that will only make it better for you. 


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, doesn’t mean you don’t like to get a little dirty, Taurus! Your sensual nature means that your bliss is a priority, so why not try doggy-style while using a vibrator? You’ll be sure to enjoy the range of sensations, and having control means you can get off on your own terms.


You’re willing to try almost anything, Libra, which is why you need something with an edge. Instead of having sex on the bed, why not have it at the edge of your bed? Experimenting with new positions could be just what you need to bring some more fire into the bedroom. So relax, get comfortable, and open your mind and body to the possibilities.


Sex can be super emotional, and you need a position that allows for intense connection, Cancer. This is why the lotus is perfect for you. You and your partner will be face-to-face, legs wrapped around one another and hearts pressed together. This allows for a physical and emotional connection, which is sure to make the sex even better.


The classics are classics for a reason, and that’s how we feel about doggy-style. You have a dirty side, Virgo, which make this the perfect position for you. Talk to your partner about hair-pulling or spanking to spice it up for your next sex session, or include a blindfold to really drive them nuts.

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