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Best Berkshire Villages to Visit

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Berkshire Escorts: 1 Best Berkshire Villages to Visit

Berkshire is situated in some of the most rural areas in England. There is a row of villages just minutes from one of the city centers, such as MaidenheadWindsor, and Reading, Berkshire.

The Berkshire countryside is miles from the city – but life is very different. As time goes by in London and becomes more expensive people want to move away from the capital.

Well-connected villages in Berkshire are becoming increasingly in demand. However, the great reinforcement of the nearby Thames was a big help.

There are lovely villages across Berkshire, and we’ve taken ten beautiful villages you need to visit with your Berkshire Escorts.

Villages : Sonning

Apart from celebrities like George and Amal Clooney, the home of the famous Uri Geller, a quaint village that sits right on the riverbank and is made up of large old houses.

The Sonning Theater has pubs and restaurants, as well as a favorite factory. The village is split between Berkshire and Sonning Eye villages in South Oxfordshire and is connected to the Sonning Bridge.

Villages: Hurley

It is considered to be one of the best places to live in the UK. Hurley is one of Berkshire’s two areas that has recently become one of the best places to live in Berkshire.

Hurley, another village on the River Thames, is nestled between Henley, Marlow, and Maidenhead, is set on a beautiful part of the River Thames, and offers a very charming rural lifestyle.

Villages: Bucklebury

An ancient village of West Berkshire dating from 956 AD, Bucklebury has become a much-needed place to live. Easy to read l. Close enough, but far enough away to live a country life, this village has a lot to offer.

Notable residents include the Middleton family.

Villages: Streatley

There is another quaint team village on the outskirts of Streatley Reading. The village has a bridge that crosses the border in South Oxfordshire to the equally picturesque Goring on the Thames.

The Bull in Streatley is the only pub, and it is presented in Jerome K. Jerome’s famous book, Three Men in a Boat, which states: “Streatley and Goring’s neighborhoods are big fishing centers. There needs to be good fishing.


The West Berkshire village of Kintbury can be found between the towns of Hungerford and Newbury. It is part of a vast expanse of extraordinary natural beauty that offers extraordinary developer protection.

The village is located on the Kennet River. There is also a train station and Dundas Arms Pub, which are right on Kennett and Avon Canal.

Waltham St. Lawrence 

Waltham is a charming village on the way from St. Petersburg. Lawrence, Twyford to Maidenhead. The name Waltham literally means “dilapidated house,” but in reality, it is a lovely village.

A local pub, The Bell, is actually owned and operated by villagers. There is no train station, but the village is very close to Wargrave and Tewford stations.


Pangbourne is another village on the Thames side that has proven popular. In fact, two rivers join the Pangbourne Thames River.

Pangbourne has a bustling shopping center and some of the best riverside food pubs, such as The Swan. There is also a toll bridge over the Thames that leads to the church in the center.

Winkfield Row

Winfield Row is not the place for bargain seekers. Located on the outskirts of Windsor, this is a special part of the world at a high cost.

Littlewick Green

Littlewick Green is home to the famous Redrofs Theater School, where Kate Winslet, among others, learned their craft.

The school was originally the home of Ivor Novello, who is depicted on a plaque on the building as “musician, playwright, male actor and theater.” This is a lovely little village on the outskirts of Maidenhead.