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Best 6 Places to Have Sex Outside

Best 6 Places to Have Sex Outside

Think outside of your room to try something new. Great way to live your sex life? Switch things up. And what is more common than having sex outside the bedroom? There are plenty of sex opportunities in your home, but you never know where or how to start.

Find the best way to stay busy in every area of ​​your home with your escorts Berkshire.

The Bathroom

Yes, it can get dirty and dirty. While showering, look at each other and lift one of your legs to a higher height, such as toward a bathtub or shower bench, as if sliding inward. For deep penetration, bend your body forward over your hips so that your hands can touch the tub while your partner is standing behind you. If sex in the bathroom seems too slippery, a sex therapist recommends using the toilet. Face him while he sits on the toilet seat (cover can go up or down). Face each other, and they can easily play with your clit for maximum fun.

From the Kitchen

The man goes to nuts in the kitchen for you because he is unconsciously being fed and nurtured. Experts suggest that "you sit at the counter, and your man stands between your legs. Lean on the table for extra adventurous support, as he comes in from behind to change your doggy style. A cool surface can add to an exciting sensation, but you can use a dishtowel on a hard surface for comfort and warmth. The fridge also offers a cool experience. Try standing in front of the open refrigerator door.

The Dining Room

Who needs a bed if you have a desk? If he can hold both of you, raise the modified missionary head with the feet on his shoulders. If your elephant prefers to stand on the floor for better strength, sit on the edge of the table and wrap your legs around his hips. Experts also recommend using a table for oral sex: She sits in a chair on the table, and you lie on your back on the table with your legs crossed.

Family Room

Your board simplifies the number of positions. Using it for leverage gives you a lot of entry and pressure. Lean over the arm of the sofa and tuck in your son from behind. The armrest pillow will provide you with comfort and support. Or try changing to the missionary position. Lie back and stack a few pillows under your back to lift yourself for deeper penetration.

Laundry Room

The washer and dryer are at your peak. Lying on top of the washing machine adds to the vibrations while spinning, contributing to a stronger orgasm. Or try lying on the dryer because your man is standing between your legs. It's not just agitation that stimulates sex even more. The drying warmth of bare skin enhances the sexuality of the moment.

The Home Office

Here is some encouragement to keep the clutter off the table: When you circle the table and hold on to help, your man can enter you from behind. Bonus: Because he will be standing and his. He won't lean on his hands to move you manually, or the two of you can carry weight in this speculative chair. When he's sitting, try to move away from him. You can hold your legs firmly to prevent him from turning and can maintain tension after having the chair. Movement control can be a lot of fun.

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