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Berkshire Escorts: 5 Best Ways to Choose First Date

Berkshire Escorts: 5 Best Ways to Choose First Date Place

Your first date's location could go a long way to determining whether there will be a second one. So how do you choose the right one?

Pick a location where a lot is going on to help generate conversation - if you're going to a cafe or restaurant, choose somewhere you can do some people-watching.

Should you choose entertainment and adventure somewhere? Maybe there is something really soothing about romance? Should you make space in an impressive place or keep things simple?

Here are the top 5 tips for choosing the right place to date to try with your Berkshire escorts

1. Choose a place that inspires good conversation for your first date

When you have online dating more than 50, chances are you've come across some great stories that you want to share with others. Stay clear of noise anywhere and go to a place where you can hear each other louder and more clearly.

The fewer interruptions, the better, and anywhere with people-watching plus delicious food has got to be win-win for a first date location. If in doubt, restaurants, cafes, and parks are all great picks for providing a comfortable atmosphere and ice-breaking conversation-starters.

2. Match the location to your mutual interests for your first date

After exchanging a few emails and maybe even talking on the phone, you may have noticed some likes and dislikes. If you're a fan of the food you love, or a special kind of food - like, the taste of cheese, you can earn extra points for choosing the best restaurant.

However, if only one of you becomes a fan, or if your partner doesn't even drink milk, the hobby won't go away quickly. Stay on top of each other and save on unique ideas for your second and third dates, after both of you show interest in trying the same new things.

3. Choose a place that is easy to find and reach

When you first meet someone new, you usually don't want to travel far from home. This isn't the best time to deal with bad traffic and difficult parking - there's nothing worse than arriving late for a late game.

Make sure the area you agree on is close enough to both sides, easy to find, and if you're driving, check to see if there are enough parking options nearby.

4. Be thoughtful but don't be overwhelmed on your first date

I want to make a first date romantic, but it's important not to overdo it. Sure, pick a good restaurant, but leave the chocolates and roses at home. This can make things really weird if you don't hesitate.

An over-zealous approach could even put off your match before the first date gets underway. All you need to bring is a positive outlook and witty repertoire. Timing and subtlety go a long way, and if things go well, you can bring out the roses at a later date.

5. Try to be understated for your first date 

If the special place on the first date doesn't impress you, why not try living on the fly? Suggest meeting your match in a public place – perhaps a park, or outside a store you’re both familiar with – and simply go with the flow.

Your shared sense of adventure is a great conversation-starter. As you navigate the possibilities together in the act of spontaneity, you’re sure to create a fun date you’ll both remember, as well as some brand new memories to laugh about on your next date!

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