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Slough– Berkshire: Boat Trip

Treat your girlfriend to a  boat trip Spoil your girlfriend with a boat trip by Kris Cruisers. They are known for offering luxury holiday boats on the River Thames. For a romantic cruise book, a boat sleeping only 2 or ramp up the fun with a boat sleeping up to 10.

You can fire these gems for a short 3 to 4-night break or for a week and more. Their boats are fully equipped. They have been awarded 4 and 6 stars. When you have exhausted the pleasure of the cabin, bring your girlfriend up for some fresh air and explore the  River Thames, Start, and Teddington and make your way through Henly and Oxford to Lechlade in Gloucestershire.01cd27ee bc03 4471 8b74 664de2a0c7bc  Slough Boat Trip yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

If you want a day trip, you can hire a 2 – 12 seater for a day cruise from Datchet. On this trip, you will pass through Royal Windsor with Eton on the opposite bank, after which you will cruise past Windsor Race Course and onto Maidenhead.

Impress your girlfriend with your snippets of knowledge of the towns you cruise through.



It is believed its name is derived from a farmer called Tuda. Teddington was originally documented in the eleventh century but was not mentioned in the Domesday Book.

A road now called Waldegrave Road through to Park Road catered for traffic to Hampton Court from about 1525. It is thought that the first of many large houses were built in the 17th and 18th centuries. One of the few remaining houses of the time is Elmfield House.


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The first record of Henley is from 1179. King Henry the II had bought the land for building. A church is noted in the year 1204 and the following year the town received a tax allowing for street paving. By the 16th century, the town extended along the west bank of the Thames.


Lechlade Priory was founded in the 13th century and lasted until 1472. The town was a trading centre linked by the river, canal, roads, and railway. The railway opened in 1873 and closed in 1962.

The town’s name is derived from the river Leach which joins the Thames just east of the town. The town hosts a series of prehistoric settlements and ritual sites.

The Thames and Severn Canal was formally closed in 1933. This was due to the lack of business brought about by the railways. In 1873 the branch line railway between Witney and Fairford was completed with a station at Lechlade. This gave the town a link to the mainline and Oxford. Unfortunately, the line was closed in 1962.


Maidenhead‘s history dates back to the Stone Age when it was a hamlet that grew into a town when the first wooden bridge was built in 1250. There were many coaching inns as Maidenhead was only a day’s travel  to London In 1777 the stone Maidenhead Bridge was built and in 1839 the Coaching era comes to an end when  Brunel’s “Sounding Arch” railway bridge is built.

So, go ahead and spoil yourself and your girlfriend to the hidden treasures of the River Thames, whilst enjoying all the luxuries of the Kris Cruisers Self Drive Boat Holiday, or if you have only a few hours to sneak away for a quick break enjoy their Bay Boat Hire.

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