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Berkshire Escorts knows that some of you may grimace at the thought of going to a gym, but when you’re thinking of acrobatic sex entered your mind, there is a proper chance that your eyes probably will light up, added by doing it with the ladies in Berkshire. Why not, right? The sex act is a gift unto itself, whereas going to the gym to workout so often only feels good when it’s over.

Maybe it is time for you to get started melding these two physically exhausting realities together and letting your sex life slowly turns into your “sex-ercise” life? You know what? It might just work!

These are the 5 best sex positions which are better than workout according to Berkshire Escorts Agency.


Well, this “V” for “Victory” positions is kind of similar to missionary, but that your lady’s torso are pointing straight out on either side of your head, creating the “V” shape. And her lower back should be slightly raised as well, to give you a better angle. This particular position will make her G-spot happy, and her glutes and thighs will definitely feel the burn before you reach the finish line.

THE HALF-PUSHUP                                                                                              

Who says that sex is only working for your lower body part? Sprawl out across the bed until her arms touch the floor which supports about half of your weight, then let yourself kneel on the bed and take your lady from behind. Not only will she gets some choice deep-penetration, but her arms will get a good little workout by holding this pseudo-plank position. Well, this position may benefit your lady more than it does to you, but that’s still okay because your lady will “love” you more caused by your care.


This position is surely not for the faint of heart, but if you are up to challenge, this position will give you the fun and a rewarding workout. You need to stand and hold your lady while she jumps up and wrap her legs around your torso before she begins slowly sliding down onto your “little brother”. You may find it difficult to get a good rhythm using this position, they main key is for her to clasp her legs tightly at all times and use her hands on your shoulders as a leverage.


Ahem, this position’s cutie name belies how physically engaging it actually is. Well, while some couples might be tempted to use this position for the “slow-burn” portion of coitus, figuring out how to grind away in this sexy, seated position shall definitely burn a few calories from your body – and possibly your sheets. Have her face you and straddle you, leaving her legs out straight on either side. This position will force her to use her thighs and core to really get a good rhythm going. But, if she finds it hard and exhausting, do not be scared to lean on one of her arms for support.


Okay, there is almost no way you should attempt this move. Well, at least not without a spotted. But, if you can complete this standing position successfully, you shall have earned our utmost respect and probably unlocked some super sexual achievement or something.

Well, how about that? Those are the 5 best sex positions that are better than working out according to Berkshire Escorts’ version. Which one will you try for tonight, mates? We bet that the ladies in Berkshire would love to take part in it, too! Don’t wait too long to book our ladies. The sooner you call is better. You can call us at +442039885271 or +442039885272 to book our escorts and we guarantee you the best escort service in the area.