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Penises are like snowflakes; no two or even more are exactly the same, but they're all perfect in their own way. With that being said, depending on how many you've seen in your lifetime, you might be wondering how many types of penises are there, right? Well, it turns out there are a lot more than the scope of emojis would suggest.

There is no ideal penis shape, they all have different lengths and curves. However, when it comes to sex, it's just about finding what works and communicating what feels best for both you and your partner.

No matter the kind of downstairs situation you're working with, there's always a way to have sex with all the kind of penises out there. If you’re looking to discover and need to know about each,

Here are the 5 great ways to handle different types of penises according to Berkshire Escorts Agency


There are penises that are more narrow at the base but gradually get bigger at the head. If you can't visualize it, picture an inverted traffic cone or a mushroom in your head. There might be initial issues, but once you ease in, things will be okay.

Missionary position might be more comfortable for the partner of someone with a mushroom head penis. You would get the initial stretching of the vaginal or rectal wall, and then the tip of the penis could provide some additional stimulation once inside.


Some men refer to their penises as a traffic cone penis, where it’s narrow at the head but then gets wider. Because the penis gradually gets larger as you get toward the base, penetration might be easy at first; but the deeper they go, the more difficult it may get.

You'll definitely want to use a lot of lubricant to allow for deeper thrusting so that it’s not as uncomfortable as the penis goes in and out. The missionary position works best when having sex with this penis shape, since you're able to open your legs as wide as possible, allowing them to enter you slowly and fully.


To actually be considered medically small, a penis has to be two standard deviations less than the average (five inches) meaning it’s just over three inches long when erect. Length is a thing but researchers haven’t measured girth (a.k.a. width) yet in any formal way, so there aren’t any established numbers floating around out for that average.

To feel more of the penis when you're working with less, try the coital alignment technique (CAT). Have their pelvic bone press directly against your clit during penetration.


Some penises are working with a bit more girth than others, meaning they're on the wider side, or may even be wider than they are long.

It’s important to remember using lube when you’re having sex with someone who's girthier. Because there's so much girth, there's also a lot of friction, which means you need to be careful of getting micro tears on the walls of your uterus or anus.


Instead of having girth, there are also lots of penises that are on the slimmer side. A lot of people don’t know how to deal with this kind of penis, but worry not. It’s really all about making sure that you’re in a correct position and making sure that when you’re having sex with that person, they're fully erect. Then, you’re getting as much girth as you can.

One sex position that can really help is to have both of you laying on your sides and entering you from behind. Your butt is in the way a little bit and oftentimes your legs are closed. That can give you the sensation of having some girth, because you’re closing your legs around the penis, giving a full feeling.

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