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5 Best Position for Car Sex

5 Best Position for Car Sex

Our models at Berkshire Escorts love to have sex experiment such as Car Sex, because Car Sex is super-hot, mostly because you had the idea of sitting in the back somewhere in your teens, feeling nervous (or thrilled) and because it was sweet sex. The work was successful. This is a place that tests you and your partner's ability to reach out of each other effectively and gives you a lot of access to each other.

Having a tight space and so much to grab onto doors, windows and seats mean you can't lay down like a fish. In this case, partners need to be close to your partner, and partners need to be very active. Car Sex has no passengers.

Do not forget to park in a safe and quite spot like an almost empty parking lot, concert parking lot. Make sure wearing clothes that you can easily remove (Skirt or dress). Put a minor lighting for an ambient

Last but not least, because you simply can't have an hour lovemaking sesh, because you know, other people are more likely to come somewhere, and your legs start getting cramping, And you just feel a natural sense of urgency.

Here we have 5 Best Position for Car Sex Sesh that you can try with our sexiest model in Berkshire Escorts.


It’s a basic cowgirl but in a car. This position is easy to hop in and hop off your partner, and you get a lot of clitoral stimulation thanks to the angle of the penis, and you can push your body as deep as you like.


While in the spoon position, place the large spoon into the small spoon from behind. However, to work in the car, the rear space needs a reasonable depth, so that the two bodies can fit side by side and push it slowly to keep your car quiet.


You should go with the missionary position regularly, which means stay behind the car as much as you or your partner can. Next, whoever is on the bottom has to pull the knee toward them, while the others move up. From there, do your usual work in bed.


Straight missionaries can toil in the car because, in all likelihood, none of you can extend your leg completely. On the other hand, his dog style is perfect. You get deep penetration and G-spot stimulation, he bends his body behind you and takes you from behind, and you both have easy access to your body.


Looks similar with CARGIRL, but this one partner lying down, the other partner crawled up, tied them up and went off to work on something. Of course, this position works best if [the person on top] is easy to dress up, especially if you are not wearing any underwear. So if you're looking to give this position a try, consider including options from a different organization.

It's also easy to edit for any type of car. Find out how comfortable your legs will be, you can keep your knees close to their hips, or if you are flexible, you can put your ankles on the shoulders and back of the seat. Again, we have a position that keeps the bodies parallel to each other, which is the best material in the car. This can be done in the back seat or the passenger seat.

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