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Rough sex is an intimate experience where you involve pain to increase pleasure. It is empowering for couples and can be a healthy expression of love and desire. Even be a tool to get through a mental crisis like grief or stress. Of course when it is completely consensual and that the consent that comes from both parties is both active and constant.

The term rough sex can vary between people and couples. It equals anything outside of vanilla; under-the-covers, lights off, missionary sex can be considered rough. For some, the term BDSM may even come to mind. Not that the latter is in and of itself wrong—if that’s what you enjoy. For people who want to explore something a little more intense, however, it’s best to be mentally prepared for it.

Before getting into it, below are the 3 good things you need to know about rough sex by Berkshire Escorts Agency


Of course, rough sex is not for everyone. For those who enjoy a bit more than just a rough and tumble in the sheets, rough sex can increase sensuality for a longer period. It’s not a bad thing to get turned on by bearable pain as it can be a way to keep your relationship hot and alive.

One of the things that makes rough sex sexy to some is how it’s sort contagious in the bed. When you inflict pain to your partner, the anger in them will likely respond back with their own rough ways. This will increase a new sensation for you and your partner.

According to some experts, one of the things that men don’t realise is that the more excited they are, the further back in the testicle they are going to draw on reserves (of sperm). So if you have what so called gourmet sex, where you really spend time and make it fun for both parties, that is going to make the man more stimulated—then he is going to ejaculate more and healthier sperm.

It’s the same for women, the more orgasms she has, the more enhanced her fertility is. When a woman experiences an orgasm, we think the intensity of the muscular contractions she has during the big pressure changes going on in her body helps to pull or suck up the sperm into her cervix and from there into the uterus.


Rough sex can be a way for you to free your mind from mundane daily responsibility. The psychological release of control will result in a better and more enjoyable orgasm.

There are two roles when it comes to rough sex—dominant and submissive—which you and your partner can play. It depends on both of your preferences. For example, your partner likes to initiate or inflict the pain, and you on the other hand, enjoy or take pleasures from the physical pain. Then he/she can dominate you, and it can go both ways.

It is good to have a sit down and talk about your boundaries when it comes to this. Don’t go overboard and hurt your partner just because it makes you feel powerful. As long as you both do it in a controlled environment and take turns in getting spanked, unless you’ve set your own sexual roles.


Although rough sex might involve maybe some spanking or toys, which falls under the kink umbrella, it can also be passionate sex. Often, kinky sex involves planning and preparations, but you don’t need all that unless you and your partner plan to use sex toys.

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