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If you are curious, the stars might have something in store for you. Whether you’re a dreamy Pisces, a fiery Scorpio, or a spontaneous Aries—we all have our own ways to channel our desires when the lights go down. To tap more into details,

 Here are the 2 best fetishes based on your zodiac sign by Berkshire Escorts Agency


Aries are natural leaders, which also makes them natural dominants. They love being in control in the bedroom, and relish watching their partners submit to their every whim and command.

Aries need to take initiative, so be sure to speak up in the bedroom. But being direct doesn’t mean they want things to be predictable. And don’t be afraid to mix things up because they get bored so easily—make sure you have some spontaneity up your sleeve.


When it comes to sex, Taureans take five-senses approach. Getting scent involved like aphrodisiacal diffusers going or scented candles burning seems like a great idea.

Also the craving for stability that Taureans experience means they love being tied up, preferably with silk


Gemini is a sign of duality, so play that up in the bedroom to get things rolling. Take turns being dominant and submissive.

They love spontaneity as well—a sudden quickie in a public place will satisfy their needs.


As a water sign, Cancer loves aquatic environments for their sexcapades. Take it to the ocean, pool, shower, bathtub, or jacuzzi.

They are quite sensitive, giving nature makes them born submissives. They love being told what to do, and get immense pleasure out of following their dom’s orders. 


Leos are the exhibitionist of the zodiac, so nothing arouse them more than an audience. Try experimenting with videotaping sex or attending a sex party to get spicy with them.

They are also fuelled by such creativity, so the ability to create different characters and sexy scenarios using costumes and props drives them absolutely wild. 


Most Virgos have a mind-body connection like no other, so be sure to play that up—like tantric techniques. They also thrive on discipline, so a bit of light (or heavy) spanking won’t go unappreciated. Expect that ultra-intimate experiences will be their forte. 


Libra is all about balance. If they play a dominant role in their public lives, in the bedroom they'll enjoy being submissive—and so vice versa.

They are easy-going and fun, they may get the enjoyment out of bringing a toy (or three) into the bedroom, where they’ll always find creative uses for the gadgets. 


If anything excites Scorpio more than sex, it is power.

Combining the two is a logical progression for pleasing them, just like Libra, power-play will be a favorite dynamic. When released from domination, they likely to be stronger having had the chance to be vulnerable—and vice versa.

Also, Scorpios are hard workers who tend to retain a lot of stress and tension, nothing makes them melt faster than skilled oral pleasure.


Sagittarius are adventure-seeking, free-spirited adrenaline junkies who love trying out new partners and relationships, making them more likely to engage in polyamory.

Sagittarius also love the idea of experiencing luxury—they relish the finer things in life. Sex can be enhanced by luxury sheets, expensive candles and exquisite lingerie. They may also appeal to their outdoorsy nature by attempting some sex al fresco.


Under their stoic surface lies someone who loves to experiment—the sky’s the limit. They may allow themselves to get down and dirty with wild, rough sex, bondage, spanking, sex clubs, swapping with other couples, etc

Capricorns’s nature are also driven and focused, their focus is often on their foot fetish. They love this often-overlooked body part with a single-minded obsession that makes their partners feel adored.


Aquarius are known for their ability to stay detached, making casual or no-strings-attached sex a favorite for their sign. But, just because they’re chill, they also love to shock. Sneaking up on their mate and seducing them into an impromptu romp or enjoying sex in public gets their rebellious blood flowing

In the other side, they actually are intellectuals—so dirty talk speaks to their love of the written and spoken word. They love hearing about their partner’s deepest fantasies, and they’re not adverse to a chatty bedfellow, as long as the chat is of the X-rated variety.


You know, the dreamiest sign, Pisces goes crazy for a bit of mood-setting. Invest in the right music, lighting and costumes to create a fantasy where they can get lost in the imaginative experience. Also, engage in some massages.

Pisces are water-based sign, and they’re inherently sensual. They love the warm and texture of water running down their bodies, so it makes sense that sex in showers, baths, lakes and pools would be their go-to. 

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