Tips for Escorts

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Here are a few tips that could help you as a new  Escorts.

Make yourself stand out

Each individual has something different to offer, something thats unique to them. If you fit the profile your client  is looking for, you can still get lost in the shuffle. what you want to do is put yourself at the top of his list by making yourself stand out. As an escort its important that you have an identity or a persona. You might assume that clients will only book you based on your looks, but thats not always the case. Most clients book you based on a fantasy, their connection to you or based on recommendation from others.You want to make sure perspective clients know what distinguishes you from your competition.

How to avoid time wasters 

As an Escort sometimes you’ll get potential clients who call you on the phone, and they ask endless questions and to your surprise they end up being your best client. On the other hand you can get someone who calls and asks a million questions while jacking off on the phone and no intention of ever booking a date with you. You’ll also run into guys who talk a big game and tell you they want to see you regularly and fly you all around the world, but really they’re working you for that extra service with no intentions of doing any of the things they mention. Being able to separate the good clients from the time wasters is extremely important and can save you a lot of grief.

Most clients want to find out something specific, once that has been addressed they either book, or hang up. Time wasters on the other hand ask one question, then ask follow up questions which had nothing to do with your answer or their original question. Then they keep on doing that. When that happens you will know that you have a time waster on your hand. Asked them when they would like to see you, if they answer with “I don’t know” then hang up and move on.

Make every client feel special 

No one want to feel like they’re fifth in line and they’re just another number. Most clients want to feel like you enjoy spending time with them as much as they enjoy spending time with you. They want to feel as though every other client you see is just work, but when you’re with them you’re truly enjoying yourself and having fun. Being able to do this is a talent in itself and will make you a lot of money. It’s something that takes a while to develop, because you will be able to do this with some clients but it’s difficult to do it with other clients. Once you’ve mastered being able to do this with every client, you’ll open up avenues that allow you keep regular clients.

So how do you do this? Well, it’s not easy but here are a few things you can do to make your client feel special. Smile a lot, compliment them often,  go out of your way to make sure they’re happy and always turn your cheek to the negatives of the person you’re with. Be touchy feely, don’t watch the clock a lot when you are with them and tell them how special they are, remember special things about them. These little techniques will make the client you are with feel special.

Things you should bring on a date

Every escort needs to pack certain things. By being prepared you are making yourself safer, more professional and ensuring all your dates go well. Here are is a list of a few things you should always bring. You may need to add a couple things, or remove a couple of things from your check list, but it’s always a good idea to have a check list and make sure you always have everything on your list.

1) Condoms:  always bring 5 to 10 condoms to make sure you have enough and don’t run out.

2) Protection: What ever you decide to use as protection, be it pepper spray or a stun gun , make sure you have something that you can defend yourself with and that you’re comfortable using.

3) Sanitary wipes: It’s always a good idea to have some wipes so when you’re cleaning up in the bathroom you have your own stuff that you can use to clean yourself rather than looking around in someone’s else’s bathroom hoping they have what you need.

4) Hand sanitiser: Sometimes bathrooms don’t have soap in them, so having hand sanitzer you’re able to make sure you clean your hands regardless.

5) Extra pair of panties.

6) Tampons: That time of the month can come at any time, and the only thing worse then having it come when you’re with a client is not being prepared.

7) Essential make up: Narrow your list of make up that you take with you down to the essentials. I always have much more in the car – so it’s never too far away!

8) Cell phone: This is the last one, but really it should be the first! Your cell phone is your life line in case things aren’t going as expected. Make sure you have it on you at all times.

As security precautions; if you have drinks in the living room and then move to the bedroom, don’t forget to bring your purse with you! Your purse should be at your side at all times. Don’t get into the habit of leaving it lying around just any where.

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