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No matter how much of an expert you are as an escort, you still need to take some measures to prepare for sex. You have to think about the long term effects that this sort of lifestyle has on your physic and mind as well. Hence why its so important to take care of yourself and always pay attention to all of your body signals.

Here are a couple of things you need to consider not doing before having a date with a client:

1. Do not antihistamine or any drugs

Taking antihistamine for allergies right before sex alters your libido and the ability for your vagina to get wet. If you want to get ready for a hot seamy evening then avoid taking drugs such as marijuana as it also lowers your libido which can be a let down for your client and yourself.

2. Eat spicy food

If you want your pussy to taste and smell delicious then avoid eating spicy food. Spicy food causes the odour of your lady parts to change, besides that it causes gas, bloating and farts. You do not want your client to have those experiences. Instead wouldn’t you rather avoid spicy food and have your client go down on you and give you great orgasm?

3. Don’t over do it with the wine, have one glass only!

We understand sometimes you are tired, are not feeling the client or simply are nervous. In most cases a glass of wine can help, whiles the buzz is amazing it can be an orgasm killer so don’t over do it. Stick to one glass of wine.

4. Don’t overeat or put food down there!

It’s sexy to use whipped cream or chocolate sauce for foreplay but avoid putting it on your genitals. The sugar in those sort of food groups can make you develop a east infection and trust me its not pleasant to have an east infection.

If you are intending to have a steamy evening please keep your meals light. If you eat a big meal you will suffer from lack of energy as you will be feeling sleepy. You also don’t want to be looking bloated for your date, it’s not an attractive look.

5. No last minute grooming

Looking fresh is the name of the game but don’t leave it to the last minute right before your date.

For example if you shave just before your date your skin will be really sensitive and you also risk having a rash which is doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Also Brushing your teeth with a hard toothbrush can lead to damaged gums that bleed which makes you prone to STD’s

The above are just a couple of things you need to consider before going on a date for your own comfort and safety.

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