Sexual desires peak in the summer months

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In the next couple of weeks when summer starts and the heatwave starts to kick in and the clothes come off, things start to heat up more ways than one. All that skin on show will have effects that are more than just cooling.

It’s a known fact that sexual desires peak in the summer months. It’s said that sweltering temperatures have a tendency to increase our libido. According to condom a manufacture, people living in the hottest areas reported having more sex on average than their peers in colder areas.

Sweat may play a big role in the increase of libido. When the heat turns up we might be excreting some chemicals related to attractions. Pheromones are not the only education aids we have, a mix of factors such as skin bacteria and diet contribute to each person’s unique smell, and increased sweating assists in the scents promulgation.  On top of that sunlight exposure elevate the production and secretion of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, which is linked to increased sex drive in women.

The answer to why sexual desires peek in the summer months might not be that complicated. It might just be that people spent more time outdoors with a lot less clothes. So we interact more, see exposed skin which then can lead to desire as we like to have what we see and therefore create more opportunity to get it on. It makes sense if you see a hot, sweaty girl in a little dress your libido increases right? Well whatever it maybe let’s enjoy it and make the most of these hot summer months not that we will have many in England.

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy summer sex more!

  1. DO not have sex outdoors without being cautious. Insect nests or poison ivy can run the whole thing for you. Rashes are not a good look so look around first.
  2. Sex is like a workout so its important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, a little ice cube foreplay doesn’t not equal to drinking water or hydrating your body.
  3. Speaking of water be careful when having sex in the water. Water washes away your body’s lubricant which creates more frictions and increases the of tears in the condom.

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