Q. Do you use real pictures of the escorts?

A: We only use real and accurate pictures of our escorts. We do not accept any misleading pictures and have procedures in place to tackle that issue. We meet all the escorts we take on before we put their pictures up on the site.

However professional pictures from an escort photographer do come with some photoshopping. As long as those pictures aren’t misleading, we will put those pictures up on the escort’s profile.

Q. Would I be able to see un-blurred or full face picture of an escort that hides her face?

A: Many of the Escorts that join ESCORTS BERKSHIRE, prefer their face to be hidden. By blurring the eyes and nose. Sometimes our escort will give us permission for full face pictures to be available to regular clientele. This will be stated at the end of the escort’s description on her profile page.

Q. Can I book more than one Escorts together?

A: More than one booking is possible. You can book two bisexual escorts for outcall bookings. Some of the escorts have worked together already before. Ask when you call and we could arrange a duo for you.

Q. Can I book an escort who is listed as “outcall only” for an in-call booking?

A: No, that won’t be possible. When an escort who usually only does outcall, is able to get a location for incall bookings, then we will note it on her profile.

Q. What information do you require for outcall bookings to a hotel?

A: When you make an outcall booking to your hotel, we will need the following information:

1. The name of the hotel and phone number.
2. Your checking name.
3. What time you will be checking in.

We require these details to first confirm the booking. Second to make sure we are sending the escort to the right hotel. Once your checking is complete please contact us with the room number.

Q. If someone I know would like to join Escorts Berkshire escort agency, what would be the best way to join?

A: There are two ways an escort can join Escorts Berkshire escort agency; Go to our website, to our employment page. There you will find the escort jobs application form. Alternatively the escort can give us a call on 07917775554  or 07570651110

Q. How can I leave a review on the booking I had with an escort from Escorts Berkshire escort agency?

A: We appreciate when clients take time to write positive and constructive feedback after they had a meeting with one of our escorts. It’s completely optional to leave a feedback and any feedback would be helpful for the next person to see what our service is like. If you would like to leave a review can either email us or you can leave a review on either or

Q.What are incalls and outcalls?

A: If you book an escort for an outcall appointment, she will come and visit you – this could be either at your home or more often at a hotel . Most of our Escorts Berkshire escorts are only available for outcalls. If one of our Escorts is available for an incall then it will state so on her escort profile.

For incalls, you will visit the escorts at their apartment.

In some cases outcall appointments are longer than in calls, as the clients like to take their escorts for dinner, events, shows or party the night away at a club. The minimum booking is for one hour. However you can book our escorts for longer if you wish so. Some clients require overnight bookings or even a whole weekend booking. Those options are available depending on the availability of the girl you choose.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book?

A: Generally most bookings are made on the same day. However if you need to book one of our escorts for a long date for the whole day or a weekend then booking in advance is advised. There are twi ways to book one of our escorts by email or by phone: 07917775554 or 07570651110.

Q. What payment methods are available?

A:Currently cash is the ONLY form of payment accepted by Escorts Berkshire Escorts

Q. Is all this legal? Am I breaking the law?

A: You’re not breaking the law, it’s all legal. We are simply introducing you to individuals who take payment in exchange for spending their time with you. What the escorts do when they are with you is their business and yours – it’s nothing to do with us. As for you, as long as you don’t pay anyone under the age of 18 to be an escort you’re fine. All our escorts are assuredly over age and have provided us with documented proof of their age.

Q. Can my partner and I see an escort together?

A: Yes, it is possible to book an escort with your partner. However it’s best to mention when you are booking the escort that you require that service. There are some girls who enjoy meeting couples but not all girls are as open minded. Please mention your requirements and we will try our best to accommodate your request and match you with the right girl. There is an additional charge for this service and the amount is at the escorts discretion.

Q. Are the girl’s fee negotiable?

A: Fees are not negotiable. The ladies we represent are professional escorts and have a set fee. The only circumstances under which negotiation might take place is if you were taking one of our escorts out for an extended period than is listed on her scale of fees. In such a situation we would expect to discuss the price with you.

Q: If I have a special request – is that OK?

A: We’re quite happy to pass on our client’s requests to our girls. If it’s fairly simple – such as; ”Could wear red 6″ heels?” “Can she come with another girl?”- we might be able to help you right away. Otherwise, we’re not able to enter into negotiation about the personal services you may receive during your incall or outcall experience. That’s down to you and her. We are, however, quite happy to pass on special requests.

Q: Help! My question isn’t answered here! 

A: If your question hasn’t been answered you can contact us via email or alternatively call us on: 07917775554 or 07570651110We will try our best to answer your question!