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Staying safe as an Escort

It’s a fact that working as an escort is not always say and anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves. We live in an unsafe world, and there are plenty of other professionals that are equally as risky. Whether you are a firefighter, a doctor or a street cleaner, they all come with their own set of risk. The risks that come with the profession shouldn’t scare you away from becoming an escort, but you should be fully aware of all the risk before you get involved and know how to protect yourself. If you are aware of the risks its then easier to avoid them and educate yourself on how to stay safe.

How to get out of sticky situations 

There are different scenarios that can happen, from a client that is simply creepy to a client that’s on drugs or drunk that make you feel uncomfortable. So being able to handle yourself in those kind of situations is important for your own safety. The client that’s on drugs or drunk can turn violent and you want to be able to know how to de-escalate siltations and make a graceful exit before the situation becomes unpredictable and out of your control.

If you were working in any other profession you’d be fully trained on how to handle these incidents. Working in the escorts industry you are usually thrown into the deep end and expected to sink or swim.  Here at Berkshire Escorts we like to keep our girls as safe as possible by giving them guidelines to follow for their safety. Here are a few tips on how to handle yourself in these sticky situations.

Safety rules:

1. If you are in immediate danger run, try to get out of there as soon as possible!

2. If you feel like the situation is changing, don’t let the client know you are uncomfortable or scared of him. Play it cool, wait for the perfect moment then make an exit. showing discomfort or fear can escalate the situation and make it worse. You never want to address the problem directly to the client and cause a confrontation.

3. Deescalating a situation is sort of like an art from. First make them feel comfortable in whatever they are doing. For example if they are drinking pretend to drink with them. Download a fake call app so you can get your phone to ring whenever you want. Take the call and explain there’s an emergency and get out of there. If you haven’t engaged with your client yet in the date, give the client his money back and leave in a hurry.

4. If the above is not possible then excuse yourself to the bathroom. Whole in the bathroom lock the door and take your time. When you come out let the client know that you don’t feel well. Apologise to them, let them know that you feel nauseous and that you need to leave but you will make it up to them all the while making your way to the door and getting out of there.

Which ever route you decide to take, the key is not hanging around. Make a quick, plausible excuse and be out of there within 30 seconds of telling it to them. Don’t let them start talking or ask questions etc, as you’re explaining what’s going on you’ve got your coat on and you’re out the door. Giving them time to think gives them time to dissect the situation and start saying stuff like I’ll give you a ride to the hospital, or I’ve got some medicine for that. You want to avoid any possible remedies they may have for your sudden need to leave and get out of there as soon as possible.

Sexual safety

Being sexually active automatically opens you up to sexual transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy. The only way to avoid them 100% is to never have sex, however there are ways to limit the risk and stay safe but nothing works 100% and as long as you are having sex you will always be exposed to a certain level of risk.

It’s important to get tested regularly to make sure you haven’t caught anything and to deal with it as soon as possible if you did.

Here are ways we recommend for you to stay safe as an escort:

1. Inspect your clients genitals for any bumps, rashes or warts before any sexual contact. Do it in a way thats causal and don’t make it obvious to them because that would make them uncomfortable and kill the mood. Be the one to take their pants off to get a change to see what you are dealing with. Start with a hand job to have a good feel. That way the client won’t feel like they are in a medical examination room. Make it sexy whiles being thorough!

2. During our first conversation, look at the clients mouth, the edges to make sure they don’t have any cold sores. If they have a cold sore or you cold see what looks like pinkish scares around their mouth which indicates they may have had one recently. Avoid receiving oral sex from them or kissing them. If they ask why, explain your reason and never risk your health even if they deny they had a cold sore if you suspect it.

3. Depending on the client do covered blow jobs and shy away from having oral sex performed on you. If a client insists on having a bare back blow job, say you don’t offer them. If they seem to eager then that means they are used to getting them often which means they are a higher risk of having a STD.

4. Never have sex without a condom in any circumstance! This might seem obvious but you can’t imagine how many escorts take a risk for extras. Some clients may offer you a lot of extra money to have sex without a condom but the risk to your health is never worth any amount of money.

Escorts Security 

If you’ve decided to work for an escort agency, then they should be handling your security for you. However when you’re all alone in a room with a client, be it in your place, the client’s place or a hotel room, you’re alone. You need to know what you can do to make sure you’re not vulnerable and you can handle yourself in all situations.

Escorts Berkshire is an escort agency and we take the safety of our escorts very serious. We have security measures in place to ensure everyones security.

If you work for Berkshire Escorts or any other escort agency then your driver and security will be provided for you. If you’re doing incalls for an escort agency then they will have their own setup for you and explain to you anything that you need to know. However if you’re working as an independent escort, then you’re going to need to figure out your own security. For outcalls it’s rather simple, you need to find someone who can drive you to your appointments and wait in the car. The basic procedure once you get inside is to get the money and then call your driver/security and let him know that you’re okay and have the money. If your driver doesn’t hear from you within say, 15 minutes, he is instructed to come up and make sure you’re okay.

Make sure you do a thorough research before you enter the Adult industry. Your safety is the most important thing and you don’t want to enter blindly. I hope this article has covered some of your concerns and gives you an entry point to your research.

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