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A crowded elevator in a busy city office building. My lover stands protectively behind me, his hands discreetly under my skirt, his fingers softly grazing the inside of my thigh.

I’m not wearing any panties.

The anticipation grows inside of me as he gently touches on the warmth of my pussy and threatens to plunge his fingers deep inside me. I crave it but stand poise and try not let my knees give way beneath his touch and betray us both.

I can feel his breathe on my skin, hot with silent desire brushing against the hair on the back of my neck. I close my eyes and let them roll back into my head and try to breathe and stay collected.

The elevator stops at each floor and more people cram inside or leave until finally we are alone. I reach and close the doors once more and select the lowest floor.

He pulls me back into him, undoes his pants and thrusts his hard cock inside my wet pussy, pushing it deep inside me as I rest my weight against him and rock my hips from side to side, groaning with pleasure.

The elevator slows again, the doors open and I smile sweetly at the new people that get in.

He’s already slid out of me and put himself away….. my body is desperate for more, my knees are trembling and the desire coursing through me is driving me crazy with need.

The elevator stops again and I lead him hungrily out into the corridor and find the doorway to the fire stairs. The heavy door clicks closed behind us and he pins me against the cool cement wall of the stairwell and fucks me until I’m screaming in silence over and over again.

My senses are reeling as he explodes his warmth inside me and my pussy clings to him to retrieve every last drop.

He kisses me deeply and tidies me up.

My legs are shaking as we walk down the stairs in silence, open the door into the busy lobby and hand in hand we walk away.

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