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A little experimentation never hurt anyone’s sex life, so let’s stretch our imagination and explore these 10 tips.

1. Do it somewhere you know you shouldn’t. 

Doing the same thing over and over again can kill a sex life. So change it up a bit and start with the location and I’m not talking from the bed to the floor. The next time you go to a  house for a dinner party, sneak away to their bathroom. The next time you’re parked in a dark semi-private lot, squeeze in a quickie. Go oral or use your fingers for an old-school makeout vibe. The idea is to create an exciting and risky experience that will ignite some fresh energy between you both. Hopefully, the excitement will then continue in the bedroom.

2. Enjoy the sexual buildup. 

“We know from the research of Rosemary Basson that often, especially for women, desire is responsive, not spontaneous. This means that willingness and being open and receptive to a sexual experience is key. When you are receptive to sexual stimulation ― having your hair stroked, body caressed, kissing ― more often than not, the body responds, and it’s through arousal that desire kicks in.” ― Megan Fleming, a New York City-based sex therapist. 

3. Breathe. 

“‘Take big relaxing breaths’ isn’t a groundbreaking sex tip, but it is very effective. A few relaxing breaths can help you refocus your attention back on the sensation when you find yourself mentally distracted or anxious. Did you know that breath can also increase arousing sensations and can give you stronger orgasms?  Breath is the most underestimated sex tool around! ― Chris Maxwell Rose, a sex educator. 

4. Watch each other masturbate.

Touch yourself the way you normally would to bring an orgasm, just in front of the person you want to have sex with while they are doing the same. Allow watching them get turned on turn you on. This will stimulate you in a whole new way and it will seem like watching a live porn.

5. Objectify your partner. 

Objectification your sexual partner isn’t always a bad thing. It can be extremely very arousing and exciting. I would encourage couples to bring that raunchy, dirty, kinky side of them back into their sex lives.

6. Let your body take over, shut off your mind. 

There is no right or wrong way to be a lover, so stop overthinking things and let go.Simply be present and aware of your body sensations and be open to exploring the range of erotic pleasures.

7. Get touchy.

Spend time enjoying light arousal.Too many people only bother to get excited together when they’re about to have sex ― as if feeling aroused is some kind of unpleasant state that has to be relieved as quickly as possible by having an orgasm. Start to enjoy feeling aroused just because it feels good. Sometimes it can be nice to just feel a bit turned on ― then to let it pass, without having to drive it to a conclusion too quick.

8. Direct your own sex scene.

If you are used to engaging in conventional sex, thinking about what would  really make you or your sex partner turned can turn things up. Try to create a story or movie scene out of it. Think about this scenario from start to finish with all of the details. Take turns sharing the explicit details about how turned on you are, what exactly would happen, what you would both do to each other, and what you’d be wearing, as if you’re telling a story from a dirty book or watching a movie scene. Sometimes, just being really explicit with your desires and vocalising them can be enough take things to a whole new level.

9. Oral sex without the expectation.

Get past intercourse-focused sex and get passionate about oral sex. Instead of the same licks and tricks, try different techniques to stimulate your partner orally including long strokes with the tongue, sucking lightly and gently on all parts of the genitals and exploring your partner’s body with your mouth. Take your time and don’t focus on an orgasm. Instead focus on pleasurable sensations for your partner.

10. Develop a signature move. 

One of the things that makes sex leaving you wanting more is their signature move. If you think about the best lovers you’ve had, they’ve all probably had one. Pick what you love to do that drives your partner wild and do that often, with slight variation or in new environments.

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